New Puppy – What You Need To Know

By Chris CampbellĀ 

Previous dog owners are all very well aware of the unique bond that can be formed between master and dog. Previous dog owners could also tell you about the responsibility, the long term commitments, and responsible consideration for society and the people in it, when it comes to your dog. Of course most people, whether they have owned a dog or not, realize what a loyal and affectionate friend a puppy can be if treated properly and taught the difference between good and bad behavior. Choosing a new puppy, is not just a matter of the heart, but firstly a matter of the head when making this important decision. You need to logically consider things like how big the puppy will grow to, what potential health issues there could be, what the temperament of the dog will be, and how well that will fit into you and your families life style. Of the many important questions you should ask yourself before choosing a new puppy as a pet, probably the most important question is one you should ask yourself.

Puppy Expectations

That questions is, what exactly is it that you want from a dog. Or perhaps what are your expectations for this new member of your family. Your dog will in essence become a new member of your family. Are you willing to share your home, and your life with this very new, very dependent family member? Some people expect a dog to carry out a specific task as a new member of their family. Such as expecting the dog to become a watchdog. Dogs, regardless of size will almost definitely sound some kind of warning, when your home or family members are approached by a stranger. Of course if you have more exacting requirements, than just having a poodle that barks at the mailman, then there are several things to consider. Certain breeds are excellent for guarding family and property, but specific training and handling are required to train and teach a dog to behave in this manner. Perhaps your expectations revolve around competing in dog shows and other competitions. If so, consider why you would enjoy this, and perhaps talk with someone who has done this type of thing before. Perhaps you looking for a dog that can be a playmate, and confidante to younger members of your family. Having a dog can be a great way to teach responsibility to young and growing members of your family.

Do Some Doggy Homework

These are only a few of the possible expectations you may have for a dog in your life. The best thing you can do at this point, would be to sit down and carefully consider all the reasons why you want a new pet, and all the expectations you will have for the dog. Once you’ve done this, then you can start looking at the different types of breeds, and find the dog that will be right for you, your lifestyle, and your family. Happy puppy hunting.

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