Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

dog articlesPrior to training your dog to come on command, there are a few things you need to be conscious of.  First and foremost, don’t call your dog if you are going to punish him or correct him.  It’s very important that you associate the “come” command with a positive experience for your dog from the very beginning.  Otherwise your dog will believe that it is being disciplined for coming to your command, and we don’t want that.  If your dog is misbehaving in some manner and you need to recall him, don’t use an angry tone.  First give him the sit or stay command and then go get him.


First you’ll need a collar on your dog and a standard leash connected to it.  Begin by taking a stroll about the yard while maintaing a loose hold on the leash.  Once your dog becomes interested in something on the ground, call your dog’s name and then say “Come.”  At the same time, give a slight tug on the leash in your direction.  Take a few steps backwards, and as the dog begins to come towards you, verbally praise him as he’s coming your way.  Once he’s at your feet, reward him with lots of praise and a treat.  After he’s mastered this, practice the same procedure while standing still rather than moving backwards.


If you call your dog and he doesn’t come, you might want to try crouching down and calling your dog enthusiastically while gently tugging on the leash, or perhaps simply turning and running in the opposite direction while calling him to come.  Dogs love to chase! 

Remember to make each time you call your dog a positive and fun experience!

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