Teaching Your Dog to Sit

dog training articlesTeaching your dog to sit is a very valuable tool and also serves as a foundation for further training.  The sit command can lead into many other commands. A sitting dog is under your control. This sit command can then be followed by a wide variety of additional commands, including the stay command.  Sit and stay are used in combination with yet more commands. Stay is used to give you peace of mind and enhance your dog’s safety.

Another command that is used in conjunction with the sit command is the lie-down command. This control allows even more control over the standard sitting.  Even people who aren’t dog owners are familiar with this command and can use it when dogs are troubling them.  The better your dog is at it, the better it can get along with unfamiliar persons and guests.

By using click training, you will be easily able to teach your dog how to sit.   Check out the article on this website for the basics of click training for more information.


First, persuade the dog to sit by holding a training treat or plaything just in front of the dog’s nose. Move it on top of and at the back of the dog’s head, enticing the dog into the sitting position. Click and give the dog the treat if he sits. 


Do this again several more times until the dog begins to sit effortlessly and quickly when enticed into the sitting position. After that, begin giving the sit command just prior to inducing the sit position.  As soon as the dog starts to sit to your command, stop using your lure and just simply positively reinforce the behavior with a treat and lots of praise.

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