Introduction to Clicker Training

dogsClicker training is a modern and fairly new dog-training technique. It can be an enjoyable, successful, and compassionate way to train your dog.  Currently it is used to teach dog film stars, police K-9 squads, guide dogs, seeing-eye dogs and dogs that perform at theme parks. Now it can be used on your own dog!


Clicker training involves the use of a small plastic noisemaker called a clicker and is based on the concept of operant conditioning, which essentially means to associate a behavior with a consequence.  This method was originally used in training dolphins and pigeons and is currently used to also train horses.  The clicker is used to reinforce the behavior that your dog is displaying at the precise moment of the correct response to your commands. 


First the clicking sound must be associated with something the dog really loves, like some small training treats.  To begin, all you really want to do is combine the click with the giving of the treat, leaving aside any commands whatosever.  Once the association between click and treat is made, you’re ready to begin with some simple commands, such as teaching your dog to sit.  Once the behavior is learned, you no longer need the clicker until you want to teach your dog something new. 


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