Dogs Eating Feces (Behavior)

All through out history it was thought that feces consumption, known technically as coprophagia, was caused by either or both deprived diet or ill health. This theory is not believed by many of the current researches.Dog Advice

Dogs just love a delicious scrap of feces. These dogs will eat their own waste products or that of another dog. Some of these dogs prefer horse feces whereas others cat feces. Often is the question is, why do dogs do such an activity?

Behavioral research has got rid of the suggestion that it is a dietary deficit or a pancreatic enzyme shortage. It is often thought that dogs are in the past hunters, and this is believed to be there behavior.

Now it is even harder to know why mature dogs eat feces. Some dogs will be trained this practice from other dogs that they socialize with. It is also though that feces eating could be an attention seeking activity.

Many people and there owners find that this habit is sickening. Also consider a taboo it is socially intolerable. On top of this, consumption of feces exposes the dog to many diseases.

Now here are the magically cures to help your dog, the success of them can be determined by your self:

  • discipline generally only works at younger ages or when it begins.
  • giving the dog MSG, garlic, or pumpkin – making the feces less tasteful.

Ultimately the only solution that your dog won’t eat feces is to supervise it and make sure it doesn’t become a habitually activity.

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