Dogs and Epilepsy

Dogs EpilepsyEpilepsy is a situation that can concern any breed of dog but it appears that there is an elevated occurrence in pure breed dogs than those of any size, than in mixed.

One of the main symptoms of epilepsy is seizures. They are categorized as below:

  • Intracranial epilepsy is caused by occurrence in the brain (e.g. Tumor)
  • Extra cranial epilepsy is caused by metabolic changes.
  • Idiopathic epilepsy is of an unknown cause.

Fits in dogs that are less than one year of age are probably caused by congenital/genetic problems, infections, or toxins. A dog that is six years old or older, is expected to have tumors that cause the seizures. The last category is dogs between 1-5 years old, this is an unknown cause

Epilepsy is an irregularity in a neuron that causes an anomalous neurologic excitation that then moves around to the whole brain.

A treatment does not cure dogs from epilepsy. Its goal is to control the seizures. If epilepsy is untreated the symptoms generally get worse.

Generally the first treatment for epilepsy is a barbiturate. This drug has an anti-seizuring effect and can be used to treat dogs over the long term. The next step is a drug called potassium bromide. This drug does not have FDA approval.

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