Dog Training – Early is Essential

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Dogs are a fantastic addition to any family, but like all youngsters, they need training. If you do not train your puppy now it will take a serious amount of help from a training school to get him to be obedient later on. Puppies, just like babies, learn mostly in their early years and unfortunately will also pick up the bad habits, too. Early attention will save you heartache later on and give you more quality time.

House Training:

Everybody has experienced a new puppy making a mess on the tiles or carpet; not a pleasant experience but one that allows you to begin training. You should let your dog outside on regular intervals.  He will learn that this is the time to do his business. If he happens to go in the house, let him know that this is wrong by using a familiar word such as “No” and put him in the yard for a few minutes. Do not hit your dog; doing that will only break his spirit and make him nervous of you and others. It can by very frustrating at times, but words work better long term than hitting. Never ever put the dog’s nose into his urine.  So many people do this thinking it is a good way for the dog to learn his lesson, but in actual fact all, you are doing is burning the animal’s nose.  This is just as bad as hitting.

Furniture and your puppy:

Teething can be a bit of a nightmare, but you can eliminate the damage caused by puppies to furniture in a number of different ways. Boredom is a common cause for dogs getting into mischief. Make yourself available for about 20 minutes playtime per day (excluding walking). Playing ball in the yard is a great exercise for the dog, and apart from exercise, it bonds you and him together. Toys are ideal in the house and will occupy the dog.  If there are no toys, such as a chewy bone, the dog will find other ways to occupy himself, especially if you pop out for some shopping and leave him alone – the furniture will get it. Different types of sprays are available to spray on the furniture and can be very effective. Remember to change the toys around from time to time as the dog will become bored with the same toys month in and month out.


Starting your puppy on a lead can be comical. It will take some time for them to get used to being on the leash, but once they do, it will be no problem. A dog will try to pull you along as this is in their nature. Do not run with the dog as this is giving in and they will expect this all the time. Put the dog on a short leash (not too short) and it will discourage them from trying to dictate the pace. After a week or so, both you and the dog will be at ease with one another on the walk. Remember to bring the doggy bag with you. Starting off, expect the dog to be curious of other dogs and new surroundings. Do not drag him along on the lead as this is his time for enjoyment.


Your dog has a different intestinal setup than you. So many people feed their dogs the same type of food as they eat themselves along with the dog food. Obesity in animals is commonplace, along with humans. Do not feed your dog chocolate or other sweet foods as this will only lead to bowel problems. Dog food is designed to give the dog all the nutrients he will need to live healthily. Dog treats are available; they do not need our junk food. Check with your local vet or seek advice online for the amount of food your dog should consume on a daily basis.

Dog Treats:

Dog treats should be used as an incentive for obedience. Training a dog can be hard work and patience is needed. Basic training, such as the command to sit, should be rewarded with a dog treat. The dog will begin to understand that this is a good behavior move and will do it more eagerly with time.

Remember:  Dogs will obey you more lovingly if treated properly without hitting.  Simple words will work much better than smacking. Make time for your dog.  Leaving a dog out the back yard day and night is no life.  Do not bring a dog into the house under pressure from children.  It has to be a well-thought-out decision.

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