Canine Influenza

dog training articlesCanine influenza also knows as the dog flu is a common that refers to strains of the Influenza virus A that generate influenza in canines and are widespread disease. This is a highly infectious equine influenza virus, with the name of H3N8. It has been involved in the infect Greyhound race dogs that had suffered and died from a respiratory sickness at a Florida racetrack in January 2004.

It is believed that the dogs caught it and transferred it from the horse racing tracks, the same place where dog racing also happens. Canine Influenza is also accountable for a huge dog flu epidemic in New York State, which affected all breeds of dogs.

From the months of January to May 2005, there were outbreaks that occurred at about twenty racetracks in ten states throughout the United States. There seems to be a major outbreak of canine influenza throughout the United States and as of August 2006 the dog flu has been documents in twenty-two U.S. states. This also includes pet dogs in five states, including Hawaii.

As of current information there is no proof that the virus can contaminate humans.

Of the infected dogs:

  • Eight per cent of contaminated dogs have mild symptoms.
  • The fatality rate for Greyhounds near the beginning was about 5-8%.

The incubation period is 2-5 days and the symptoms occur after about 7-10 days. Mild symptoms include a cough that is possible to last for 10-30 days and occasionally nasal discharge. Dogs will usually die from pneumonia.

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