Bone Cancer in Canines

Osteosarcoma simply known as bone cancer is a disease that treatment and prognosis has improved much in times of recent. Every day veterinarians are improving there methods of treating this form of cancer.

Dog ArticlesCommonly osteosarcoma occurs only in large-breed dogs that are aged seven years or older. Osteosarcoma may be connected with a formerly healed fracture It has been suggested that there is a link between chronic pain and the establishment of malignant cell growth.

Infrequent lameness is common in the beginnings of the disease. As the disease furthers the lameness becomes much more noticeable and more regular. The limbs are rather painful and may fracture suddenly because the bones are very weak.

75% of osteosarcomas occur in the long bones of the skeleton mainly the limbs. Sadly the treatment of preference in this circumstance is removal of the limb. This does remove the osteosarcoma from the bones; the cancer can spread easily to the lungs. The normal survival time with removal is 3-5 months.

This is always bad news. However the tumors in the lungs generally respond well to chemotherapy drug treatment. This will increase the chance of survival for the dog, and improve its survival time.

The dog’s life after healing is typically improved than before treatment. This is due to the chemotherapy reducing much of the pain in the legs.

After chemotherapy drug treatment dogs tend to live up to one year, with 20-30% living past one year.

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