Bladder Stones in Dogs

DogsUrinary tract infections are an extremely painful problem for humans and canines. In dogs urinary tract infections can lead to bladder stones, which can both start and help illness in the bladder.

Dogs can get urinary tract infections; cats have a much higher chance of the illness afflicting them

Dogs are more often than not housebroken and for this reason they go outside, the owner is more likely to become aware of a urinary problem. The dog owner might become aware of straining or blood in the urine of there dog.

Urinary tract infections can be caused by a huge number of issues; it is frequently tricky to find out the reason. The source of an infection might be as easy as a growth of bacteria or as complex and difficult as bladder stones.

The development of a bladder stone is incredibly similar to the formation of a pearl in an oyster. In dogs it is frequently caused from a single irritating particle called the nidus. This is a tiny particle that could for example, be a bacteria. Minerals begin to be deposited on its exterior, and over a given amount of time it begins to grow bigger and can become very exasperating to the inside layer of the bladder.

The single action for some stones is surgical elimination. This removed stones can and should be studied so that a régime can be completed to steer clear of the reappearance of stones in the future. Prevention can include medication or an altered diet.

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